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Prevent damaging free radicals and slow down the ageing process

Oxygen speeds up the ageing process. A body that uses less oxygen ages much slower. The justbreathe Pod assists you to extract maximum energy from the oxygen you inhale. Using the Pod is a revolutionary approach to proactive skincare management. The Pod is natural, drug free and works in harmony with your own body.

95% of all energy in our bodies is produced by 'mitochondria' - the powerhouses inside our cells. Damaged and old mitochondria produce less energy and release toxic waste in the form of harmful free radicals. The Pod helps rid your body of old mitochondria making way for new cell regeneration. This cellular renewal can improve your skin's appearance making your appear youthful and full of vitality.

Be the envy of your friends... make them wonder what your secret is!

Using the Pod is as easy and relaxing as having any other beauty treatment... book an appointment at your local centre!


  • - Weightloss
  • - Improve skin condition
  • - Improve sleep patterns
  • - Help with depression
  • - Reduce stress levels
  • - Boost energy levels
  • - Cellulite
  • - Anti ageing

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