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Overview -

We offer the world's most sophisticated wellbeing and sports hypoxicator. It is safe, controlled and easily integrated into your busy lifestyle. Patented technologies and unique features delivers the most sophisticated programmes available. Programme protocols have been improved to meet the demands of our clients. A standard session lasts for just 37 minutes.

Adaptive Programming -

Simulating altitudes of up to 8,000 metres. Each course has optimal levels of oxygen and SpO2 targets programmed into it. The auto pulse-oximeter monitors your response to each session's protocol. Our unique hypoxicator automatically adjust the level of oxygen, either up or down, to maintain a consistent level of SpO2 stress on your body. By having SpO2 levels monitored and adjusted, the effectiveness of the programme is greater than those systems where SpO2 levels are monitored manually.

Light and Portable -

Our unique hypoxicators are small and lightweight - easy to use at home, take to the office or pack into your bag for an overseas trip. With a weight of only 1.5 kgs and a length of 320 mms it will easily fit into a sports bag or hand luggage - so no matter where you go, you can take it with you.

Safety Features -

We are committed to safety - equipped with multiple safety features which monitor your vital signs during each session. If your vital signs move outside the recommended safety parameters for the session, it will automatically pause the session allowing you sufficient time to recover before re-starting the session.

Self Diagnostic -

Automatically detect system issues through a unique self diagnostic programme. A screen provides simple diagnostic messages to keep you informed at all times; enabling you to accurately pinpoint a system issue if it arises and quickly correct it.

Hands Free -

By having the pulse-oximeter attached to your ear, you are able to attach the mask to your head enabling your hands to be free to use your laptop or read a book.

Flexible Protocols -

There are a number of pre-programmed courses designed to accommodate all lifestyles; elite athletes, injury recovery, preparing for altitude, improve skin condition, general well-being and many more.

Instant Feedback -

We can monitor your progress during the course and provide instant feedback regarding the improvement in your body's responses to the programme. A consultant is able to analyse your results and make modifications to your programme to optimise your results.

justbreathe programmes:

Offering a range of programmes, we cater for elite athletes, busy mums, corporate executives and active grandparents, justbreathe offers tailored solutions for: