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People familiar with hypoxic tents and hypoxic chambers will know that a serious time commitment and effort is required to complete this form of altitude simulation. Generally, the main advantages offered by justbreathe in comparison to other mehtods available on the market are:

altitude simulation
Hypoxic Tents/Hypoxic Chambers
altitude simulation
altitude training
40 minutes per day 6-8 hours per day Up to 10 hours per day
15 day programme Up to 4 weeks 3 weeks
Annual commitment of 50 sessions Annual commitment of up to 500 hrs At least 3 weeks away fro home
Multi-level fail safe mechanism Self regulated Acclimatisation period required
Fully automated simulators Self regulated N/A
No disruption to family/work life Intrudes into family/work life Disruption to family/work life
Intitial decrease in muscle mass
Travel and living costs

justbreathe programmes:

Offering a range of programmes, we cater for elite athletes, busy mums, corporate executives and active grandparents, justbreathe offers tailored solutions for: