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Using high altitude oxygen to boost and protect the body is not a new concept. But making the benefits available for mainstream use by the health, wellbeing and sports markets is a new concept offered by Just breathe.

Replicating or simulating high altitude environments to stimulate positive health benefits was developed in Russia more than 40 years ago for the cosmonaut training programme. Its success in the aerospace programme did not go unnoticed and more recently it has been applied to successfully treat many health conditions; heart disease, arthritis, female fertility, asthma and stress are a few treated conditions that have shown positive results.

Altitude simulation is more commonly associated with sportspeople who have known about the powerful effects it can have on their athletic performance. The main drawback to its widespread usage has been the time and cost required to live and train at a high altitude destination.

Today, the science and technology is rapidly advanced and travel to altitude is no longer required to enjoy the positive health and wellbeing benefits. In just 15 days, 40 mins per day, you can change your body for the better, using the justbreathe altitude simulator.

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