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justhealth is focused on health - we offer a wholly natural product that assists your body's performance.

Using "thin air", also known as intermittent hypoxic therapy, the pod trains your body to work more efficiently producing excellent health benefits. The simulator is used by people who want to maintain their good health and people who want to improve their existing health.

Widely used as a natural therapy, and endorsed by the Russian Ministry of Health, the therapy has been used to successfully assist with infertility, depression, migraines, weightloss, cardiovascular disease and many other complaints.

In only 15 sessions you too can improve your health!

Dr Glen Twentyman

justhealth Recommendation

Dr Glen Twentyman G.P
Holistic Health Practicioner Auckland, New Zealand

"...I have personally trialled a full cycle of high altitude oxygen therapy and it had a profound effect on me. In particular I noticed an improvement in my aerobic capacity with exercise. I also noticed an increase in mental clarity and an improvement in my sleep cycle - I have read a lot of literature around the subject and feel it has a lot of potential uses for all people who may be ill with disease, through to well people who wish to achieve optimal performance..."

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Offering a range of programmes, we cater for elite athletes, busy mums, corporate executives and active grandparents, justbreathe offers tailored solutions for: