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Cardiovascular diseases (heart disease and stroke) are becoming more common.

justbreathe encourages the production of essential natural gases within the body that are essential to good cardiovascular health. Using the pod, your body is able to regulate your blood vessels much more easily. When our bodies do not perform efficiently, we do not know when to dilate and constrict blood vessels and this leads to your blood vessels becoming constricted more often forcing the heart to work twice as hard to pump blood around your body. Performing like this for long periods of time can lead to heart disease, stroke and often even heart attack.

Because the programme trains your body to work more efficiently your heart doesn't have to work as hard. And because your heart doesn't have to work as hard there is less wear and tear on your internal organs, preserving and protecting you and your body for future years.

justbreathe programmes:

Offering a range of programmes, we cater for elite athletes, busy mums, corporate executives and active grandparents, justbreathe offers tailored solutions for: