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Hormonal imbalances, stress and today's lifestyle all affect the body's ability to conceive and carry a baby. The human reproductive system is highly sensitive and assisting it to work effeciently improves its ability to have a healthy pregnancy.

Used by both men and women to boost their reproductive organs performance and at a fraction of the cost of IVF, couples are now able to access the latest drug free method to assist conception.

Hypoxic training, as offered by justbreathe has been used in Russia as a natural method to boost fertility with impressive results; 98.9% success rate in a fertility study. Also, justbreathe helps to improve the immune system which is a factor is being able to carry a healthy pregnancy to full term.

The following abstract was taken from the 'Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients - August/September 1996':

"For research purpose, 49 women were selected from a high risk group of patients suffering from obstetric pathology. Many of them lost all hope of getting pregnant or having a child. No conventional therapy had been able to help them. To gain their dreams, all of them were psychologically prepared to try new method. Each of them was given a special intensive course of Hypoxic .Training - programmed and administered according to the individual's diagnosis. In the end, 48 of the women, to their great joy, got pregnant and delivered healthy children."

In terms of classical gynecology the outcome of the experiment seemed incredible. The resonance of that event was so great in medical circles that the experimenters decided to follow all those women and children. The results of the observation, which lasted for two years for each female and each child, turned out to be rather promising: all females experienced fewer post pregnancy complications, the health state of some of them appeared so sound that they determined on giving birth to another child; they were again given Hypoxic Training, got pregnant, and successfully delivered healthy babies. The development of most of the firstborns (only firstborns were studied) was within statistical medical norms, and the children showed increased resistance to influences of parasitic infections, and some other diseases.

This success led to a great increase of interest in Hypoxic Training in gynecology for both treatment and prophylaxis also contributed to the adoption of this method in other fields of clinical medicine.

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