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Asthmatics are often reliant upon medication from an early age to assist them to breathe easily whilst performing routine daily activities. Increasing pollution in the atmosphere is thought to be a major factor in the growth of asthma worldwide.

Studies using intermittent hypoxic training, as offered by justbreathe
have shown the following results:

  • - Improved lung function
  • - Improvement in symptoms
  • - Reduction in medication use
  • - Improved sleep
  • - Decreased anxiety
  • - Improved breathing control

After completing the 15 day course, your lung capacity and oxygen usage will be significantly improved and more efficient requiring less effort to perform everyday activities and reducing the occurance of hyperventilation.

Many clients who have asthma have felt their symptoms improve and have reduced their medication after completing the justbreathe programme.

justhealth Recommendation

Danny Weinberg, Asthma sufferer

"...Danni - I can't believe how the 15 day programme improved my asthma. I have reduced my inhaler intake to once a day and I can now run and exercise at high intensity with ease...."

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