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Hypoxic therapy  has been used with good clinical results in both adults and children with rheumatoid arthritis. The course reduced the duration of morning stiffness and the number of involved joints and alleviated or abolished arthralgia. Furthermore, the course positively influenced the general status of patients by improving their mood, sleep patterns, appetite and increasing their level of physical activity. The IHT-induced clinical improvement in patients with rheumatoid arthritis was accompanied by definite immunological changes, in particular, by an increase in the number of mature T-lymphocyte subpopulations, indicating a positive immunomodulating effect of the course.

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Bridget Rochford, Arthritis sufferer

Bridget's symptoms: stiff, swollen and aching joints that restrict movement.

"... I have suffered with arthritis in my knee for the last 10 years. My right knee has been very swollen and inflamed, requiring daily pain killers to relieve the pain.

Since using justbreathe, my knee has significantly reduced in size, it looks like a normal knee again, I have less pain and my mobility is great. I feel years younger..."

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Gill Ripley, 58

"...My arthritis in my knees is so much better - I can keep up with my young grandchildren. I feel like I did 10 years ago. I began using it 6 months ago and my daughter noticed the changes in me - she wants to use it now..."

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