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Why are you the most sophisticated altitude simulation product available?

We offer the most advanced and fully automated altitude simulation system available. Equipped with a multi-level safety mechanism to ensure your safety and offering a range of programmes to meet all of our clients' requirements, getting fit and healthy has never been so enjoyable.

Can you briefly explain the course?

It is a 15 day programme that trains your body to work more efficiently by gradually reducing the oxygen you breathe in a safe and controlled environment. Day 1 begins at 12% oxygen, we gradually regulate the oxygen levels over the course of the 15 day programme. The simulator works in harmony with each individual and sets a reduced oxygen level tailored to your body's performance for every session. Each simulator is equipped with an auto pulse oximeter, to constantly monitor the level of oxygen in your blood. Each session's duration is 37 minutes per day for 15 days only.

A Standard Programme has been developed to suit most people, but we also offer more specific programmes. For example we provide programmes for mountaineers and elite athletes who place more demands on their body aswell as a gentle programme designed for health and wellbeing.

What do I have to do whilst using the simulator?

All the benefits are achieved without physical exercise. Strange as it may seem, by simply sitting in a comfortable chair and just breathing - an alternate cycle of reduced oxygen air, followed by normal, sea level air through a hand held face mask, you can achieve a superior level of health and fitness. It is exercise without exercising - the simulator does all the hard work whilst you sit back, relax and watch the television.

The altitudes that are simulated are too extreme to exercise at. There is not enough oxygen to exercise safely (without considerable pre-acclimatisation) and there is no need to exercise to receive the benefits, as the stress on the body is great enough to stimulate the positive physiological changes. It is safe, relaxing and enjoyable to use.

Are there any health risks associated with using altitude simulation?

No. It is a non-invasive, safe and relaxing form of exercise. The world-leading simulators have a multi-level inbuilt safety mechanism that is constantly monitoring and controlling the level of oxygen in your bloodstream to ensure your safety and successful results.

Do I have to be physically fit?

No, we offer courses designed to meet the needs of everybody. It is excellent for everybody providing a range of benefits.

When will I feel the benefits?

The full benefits will become apparent from day 12 onwards.

Can I still performing my normal training routine?

Yes- the stress that the body experiences while using the simulator can be considered as part of your cardio-vascular training regime because it has the same effect as exercise.

How many days before a specific event should I start my 15 day programme?

We recommend that you finish your programme 10 days before competing in a specific event. This enables your body to be in peak performance at competition time.

What is a 5 day top-up?

A 5 day top-up maintains the benefits gained from altitude. It is a 5 day programme only and lasts 37 minutes per day. The benefits last between 6-8 weeks.

How often should I do a top-up?

We recommend that you top-up every 6-8 weeks depending on your lifestyle. If you choose not to top-up, you will notice your enhanced health and fitness begin to reduce.

What happens if I miss a 5 day top-up programme?

It depends on the amount of time that has lapsed since your last programme. As each person is different, it is best to consult your local centre for advice.

How long do the benefits remain in my body after completing the 15 day programme?

Generally the benefits last up to 12 weeks. However, to maximise the benefits to you, we recommend that you complete a 5 day top-up programme no later than 8 weeks after completing your last session.

In any 12 month period, to keep your physical and mental health and wellbeing in peak condition, the full programme takes 50 hours consisting of:
- 15 day programme
- 6 x 5 day top up programmes

How does a hyperbaric chamber compare to altitude simulation offered by you?

Oxygen is known for its healing properties. Hyperbaric chambers use pressure to infuse pure oxygen into the body to temporarily increase your body’s oxygen content. We teach the body to use its oxygen supply more efficiently, which results in longer lasting effects. By stimulating a physiological change, this enables the body to learn to protect and heal itself.

Can I improve my recovery from broken bones and damaged ligaments?

Altitude simulation is a new product to the UK market that offers improved recovery times for the treatment of a variety of conditions. Certainly, a more efficient oxygen supply will aid your recovery from broken bones and damaged ligaments. To learn how it can benefit your individual injury, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest centre.

Can it be used at home or the office environment? Do I have to use a centre?

Yes, We have a range of products to accommodate all of our clients' requirements. Our portable system is lightweight, safe, user-friendly and convenient to put into your bag and take to your training camp, office or overseas event. For more information on our product range please contact your local centre.

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