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"...I have taken something to help me sleep for quite a long time now, I always felt tired because my 3 year old was constantly waking me up. Following a course of justbreathe I found that I could go to sleep really easily and if my daughter wakes me up I go straight back to sleep. I also workout and run regularly and since justbreathe I have been able to extend my training substantially and I feel 10 years younger..."

justwellbeing testimonial

Pauline Birch (66) Wylde Green Birmingham

"...I was offered a trial course because my exercise programs and results have been well documented for over 3 years and we could see easily the impact of the Hypoxicator on performance. Unsurprisingly my results improved massively, however I have been amazed that my sleeping patterns are now superb (I am actually sleeping).Wonderful..."

justwellbeing testimonial

Nick Farmer, Fireman

"...I thought I would give justbreathe a go and see for myself the benefits. I was amazed that when I got home from work to look after my young daughter that I had bags of energy. I also have noticed that my fitness levels have improved as well. But my main reason for carrying on and doing m top-ups are for the increased energy levels and alternus at work..."

justwellbeing testimonial

Sarah Cosby, 42

"...I feel great and people keep telling me how good I look. All those expensive creams never made me look and feel this good!! My skin is really clear, I've lost weight and I feel full of energy..."

justwellbeing testimonial

Andree Smith

"...I was very tired and run down, no energy and I had a lot of pain in my hands from working outside in the cold seeing to my horses. After the first 10 sessions of Justbreathe I was feeling much better, I had more energy, the pain in my hands had almost disappeared and I felt much more positive and able to cope with the heavy workload of looking after the horses again. I would recommend a course of justbreathe and I will be booking in for my Top-Up in 6 weeks..."

justwellbeing testimonial

Gill Ripley, 58

"...My arthritis in my knees is so much better - I can keep up with my young grandchildren. I feel like I did 10 years ago. I began using it 6 months ago and my daughter noticed the changes in me - she wants to use it now..."

justwellbeing testimonial

Debbie Kind (46) West Midlands

"...I have never really experienced any type of exercise due to arthritic problems, however after having experienced the Hypoxicator treatment I was amazed that my fitness level increased from a dire vo2 score to that of an improved vo2 score without any physical stress on my joints (the pain in my joints actually improved)... I can only say that I will continue with this treatment as it is the only realistic way forward for me to get even fitter..."

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