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Dr Glen Twentyman

justhealth testimonial

Dr Glen Twentyman, G.P. Holistic Health Practitioner Auckland, New Zealand

"...I have personally trialled a full cycle of high altitude oxygen therapy and it had a profound effect on me. In particular I noticed an improvement in my aerobic capacity with exercise. I also noticed an increase in mental clarity and an improvement in my sleep cycle. I have read a lot of literature around the subject and feel it has a lot of potential uses for all people who may be ill with disease, through to well people who wish to achieve optimal performance..."

John Carswell

justhealth testimonial - Blood Pressure

John Carswell (49) Furniture Restorer

"...I was pretty surprised. The course left me half a stone lighter. After 3 weeks my blood pressure had fallen by 15%..."

justhealth testimonial - Asthma

Danny Weinberg, Asthma sufferer

"...I can't believe how the 15 day programme improved my asthma. I have reduced my inhaler intake to once a day and I can now run and exercise at high intensity with ease..."

justhealth testimonial - Multiplesclerosis

"...Mary's symptoms: poor sleeper, aching and stiff joints, loss of feeling in fingertips, lack of energy.

"After completing the 15 day programme, I cannot believe how good I feel. Despite the heatwave, I am sleeping much better and feel refreshed when I awake. The swelling in my knees has significantly improved, I cannot remember the last time both knees were the same size. Usually, I can only walk a short distance with friends, but I am now able to walk much longer distances without aches, pains and I am not out of breath. Friends have asked what I am taking to feel and look so good."

"But, I am most delighted by the fact that the feeling in my fingertips has returned after 18 months. I haven't been able to assemble my grandson's toy because I couldn't grasp the small pieces, I can now do this and I am overjoyed..."

justhealth testimonial - Arthritis

Bridget Rochford

"...Bridget's symptoms: stiff, swollen and aching joints that restrict movement.

"I have suffered with arthritis in my knee for the last 10 years. My right knee has been very swollen and inflamed, requiring daily pain killers to relieve the pain."

"Since using justbreathe, my knee has significantly reduced in size, it looks like a normal knee again, I have less pain and my mobility is great. I feel years younger..."

justhealth testimonial

"...Michelle, Chronic Fatigue, Joint Pain and Not Sleeping Before using justbreathe I was in a mess. I was having problems sleeping and was prescribed sleeping tablets by my GP. I was also taking pain killers for the chronic pain in my joints. I have now completed my 15 day programme and haven't felt so well in years. I don't take any medication at all. Because of being well and full of energy I am able to exercie which increases my fitness and energy levels. My family is also grateful for my new lease of life as my mood swings are now non-existent. What more can I say, Justbreathe has been a lifesaver for me. I am having my top-ups to enable me to maintain this feeling..."

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